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Those eyes


Captured with Polaroid Land 250 camera and Fuji FP-100c instant film. 

My rump practically protruded into oncoming traffic as I readied to get this shot, crouching at a point where the Chef Creole restaurant’s drive-thru ends and the street begins. The driver asked that before I take the photo I readjust the loose lash on the left headlamp. It’s quite the challenge to compose a shot while teetering curbside, but we do what we must to capture images of cars adorned with falsies. 

Had no clue that a documentary had been made about Polaroid’s final year, and the start of the Impossible Project’s. I’m all about discoveries of photography-themed cinema, so naturally I got all kinds of excited when I learned via the instant film photography blog, Snap it See it, that this film exists and is available for streaming on Netflix.


One morning while readying for an outdoorsy kinda day… shot with Portra 160 film.